Follow @TrevorHPaulsen Much has been said regarding the benefits of multi-touch or algorithmic attribution models to understanding your customers’ conversion paths, but running analyses merely looking at some numbers in a table doesn’t quite inspire insight in the same way that a well-constructed visualization can. So, in this post, I’m going to give you two great ways […]

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How to Setup a Data Lake and Start Making SQL Queries with Adobe Analytics, AWS S3, and Athena

Follow @BikerJaredThe phrase “big data” is used so often it’s almost trite. These days, nearly all large enterprises have established a data science or data integration practice that is used for analysis projects. In my experience, however, many smaller companies (or often smaller teams within large enterprises) have yet to adopt any sort of big data […]

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Build Your Own Cross-Device Marketing Attribution with Apache Spark and R

Follow @TrevorHPaulsen Over my last few posts I’ve been focusing on how to do better marketing attribution using Adobe Analytics Data Feeds and Apache Spark coupled with R. You can read all about those attribution techniques here: Multi-Touch Attribution Using Adobe Analytics Data Feeds and R The Two Best Models for Algorithmic Marketing Attribution That said, […]

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Follow @TrevorHPaulsen In my last post, I illustrated methods for implementing rules-based multi-touch attribution models (such as first touch, last touch, linear, half-life time decay, and U-shaped) using Adobe Analytics Data Feeds, Apache Spark, and R. These models are indeed useful and appealing for analyzing the contribution any marketing channel has to overall conversions. However, they […]

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Follow @TrevorHPaulsen One of the hottest topics in the digital marketing space has always been marketing attribution. If you’re unfamiliar with this problem space, (I’d be surprised, but) there are lots of excellent explanations out there including this one. In a nutshell, companies have a lot of marketing outlets – search, display ads, social networks, email, […]

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In my last post, I described the basics for processing Adobe Analytics Click Stream Data Feeds using Hadoop. While the solutions outlined there will scale remarkably well, there is a more memory efficient way to do it. Having this flexibility is nice if you have lots of CPU cores available but not as much ram. […]


Marketing Mix Model for All: Using R for MMM

Understanding the ROI across all of your paid marketing channels is a top priority for senior-level executives across every industry and every geographical market.  Getting a clear sense of the ROI on each channel allows companies to answer really important questions.  For example: What will happen if I increase my Email spend by 20%? What […]

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